the inside scoop with the stil

Photo by Jenny Bowler

Photo by Jenny Bowler

When the two founders of The STIL tell you, “Life is sweet,” you’re inclined to believe them.

Originally from Ohio, Dan Sell, Co-Founder and Co-Owner of The STIL, has always been a fan of ice cream. “It’s something I did with my mom and dad back east as a kid. We would go out for ice cream as a family and get all these unique flavors at the local shop, and when I got to Boise, I wanted to know where I could go and bring my family,” says Dan.

“The Sweetest Things In Life,” or, “The STIL,” is a gorgeously modern ice cream parlor that stands in the heart of downtown Boise’s BoDo district. Its modern interior feels like the combination of a brewery, distillery, and ice cream parlor. The shop’s warm wood and modern neutral colors immediately set it apart from the usual ice cream or candy shop. “We didn’t want to make a shop that was traditional,” says Dan. ”We wanted something that really represented Boise.”