In 2014, I had the privilege of helping create River by Design, a new book by BSU about the history of the Boise River. The book debuted in Sept. of 2015 and has garnered a lot of interest ever since.

My chapter is on Mary Hallock Foote, one of the first settlers to come to Boise. Mary was the breadwinner in her family for much of their time in Boise; she sold illustrations and articles to magazines around the West and document early life in the area. She published several books of poetry and prose and was known as one of the most prolific writers of her time.

Then, Wallace Stegner appropriated a ton of Mary's work for his novel, Angel of Repose without crediting her and she became the center of a bitter literary controversy still debated today. I detail all of this and more in my chapter, "Water, Earth, & Gender." Stop by your local bookstore to grab a copy or order it straight from BSU at the link above.