it runs around the room with us

A Zine for Local Band, Sun Blood Stories

It Runs Around the Room with Us Cover.jpg

I was lucky enough for the good people of Sun Blood Stories to request that I to write a story based on their new album, It Runs Around the Room with Us. They gave me a raw mix that I played in my car for about three months straight during an incredibly tumultuous time in my life. I spent a lot of time with these songs, feeling their weight between my fingers and stitching them into the seams of my emotions. When I was ready, I collected all my raw feelings--outrage, exhaustion, longing, melancholy, warmth, hope--pulled them out of my body, and distilled them on these pages for you. 

This is the story of Rose and Eleanor, a couple living in a town that has recently outlawed light. As beauty slowly drains from their lives, Rose and Eleanor must decide if and how they can fight back against forces that seek to erase their identities as queer women of color.

You can purchase It Runs Around the Room with Us on Bandcamp for only $10.